Bali Diving Price List

    Welcome to Bali Diving Price List, here you will find a complete list of all our diving events and there costs. We have made it nice and simple for you to get the information you need. Feel free to go through all the pricing information, you will find links to the associated course or event so you can get more information about a particular item.

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    USD, $ IDR, Rp

    Dive SitesDescriptionPrice
    TulambenDive the amazing USAT Liberty Wreck, Coral Garden, Paradise Reef and Drop OffRp 1,435,500.00Book Now
    KubuShore Dive The beautiful Kubu Dive site and dive on the Kubu WreckRp 1,667,500.00Book Now
    Padang BaiBoat Dive to many different sites around Padang Bai, Blue Lagoon, Jepun, Turtle Neck and more.Rp 1,667,500.00Book Now
    Nusa PenidaBoat dive around the famous Manta Point and Crystal Bay to see the Amazing Manta Rays and Oceanic SunfishRp 2,015,500.00Book Now
    SanurBoat dive from our Dive Center only a 5-minute driveRp 1,396,060.00Book Now
    AmedBoat dive to see the pyramids and Drop OffRp 1,667,500.00Book Now
    MenjanganBoat Diving around Menjangan National ParkRp 5,785,500.00Book Now
    Gili Biaha/ TepekongBoat diving to Gili BiahaRp 1,870,500.00Book Now
    Pura JatiMarco Dive ParadiseRp 5,075,000.00Book Now
    Secret BayMacro Dive ParadiseRp 5,075,000.00Book Now
    Snorkel TripsDescriptionPrice
    TulambenSnorkel the incredible USAT Liberty WreckRp 797,500.00Book Now
    Padang BaiSnorkel some amazing untouched Reefs and see an amazing amount of Marine Life, Turtles, Sharks, and many others.Rp 868,550.00Book Now
    Nusa PenidaGet the chance to see Manta Rays in Nusa Penida. These friendly giants are amazing to see.Rp 1,303,550.00Book Now
    Dive SitesDescriptionPrice
    Try DivingThis Resort dive is for confident snorkelers or Swimmers and includes 2 X Ocean DivesRp 1,725,500.00Book Now
    PADI Open Water CourseGet your PADI certification and be trained to dive as a buddy team anywhere around the world up to 18M, This is a 3 day Course, which includes Classroom, Pool and Ocean training.Rp 5,785,500.00Book Now
    PADI Advanced Open Water CourseExtend your skills and certification with the PADI Advanced Open Water Course, this is 2 days and 5 X Ocean Dives, training you in many aspects as well as teaching you to do 30M dives.Rp 5,060,500.00Book Now
    Emergency First responseThis course teaches you the basics of Primary first aid and secondary care not just for diving incidents, but can also be applied in real-world everyday situations.Rp 2,102,500.00Book Now
    PADI Rescue DiverThe PADI Rescue course is a challenging but very fun and exciting course, it will take your skills and understanding to a whole new level allowing you to rescue and save a life and handle difficult situations.Rp 5,350,500.00Book Now
    PADI Nitrox CourseThis is a classroom-based course and prepares you to dive with nitrox up to 40% allowing you a longer bottom time.Rp 2,175,000.00Book Now
    PADI Deep DiverThe PADI Deep Diver Course teaches you and takes you to 40M allowing you to do those deep dives to find those untouched parts most divers can’t get to.Rp 5,075,000.00Book Now
    PADI Drift DiverSome dive sites can be more difficult and have strong currents, we teach you how to manage these currents, enjoy and stay calm and experience the thrill of Drift Diving.Rp 4,060,000.00Book Now
    PADI Wreck DiverWant to dive on wrecks around the world then this course will give you everything you need to dive a wreck safely and allow you to explore these amazing man-made habitats.Rp 5,075,000.00Book Now
    PADI Digital Underwater PhotographyEver wanted to get amazing memories and take them back home with you on the Underwater Photography class, we teach you all the basics on how to use a camera underwater, it’s trickier than you think.Rp 4,060,000.00Book Now
    PADI Night DiverBecome a certified Night Diver and dive with some of the marine life that only comes out at nightRp 4,930,000.00Book Now
    PADI Underwater NaturalistLearn more about the underwater world, different fish groupings, coral reefs and a lot more to extend your knowledge base.Rp 2,900,000.00Book Now