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Bali Diving’s beginner courses

    Beginner Diving Courses

    Bali Diving’s beginner courses are designed to introduce and get you certified to dive the underwater world. We have PADI Dive courses, scuba upgrades, Scuba Diver Referrals. If you have not dived in a while then we are also able to provide a PADI Reactivate course that will allow you to update and refresh your skills. Check out the options below to find out more information about that course. If you are still not sure then please feel free to get in contact with us.

    Duration: 2 days | Dives: 2

    The PADI Scuba Diver course is designed for people short on days, this is a two day diving course that covers classroom, pool and ocean, but has a restriction of 12m.

    Duration: 3 days | Dives: 4

    The Flagship PADI Open Water course is your ticket to full certification, It teaches you all aspects of diving and teaches you to dive to 18m.

    Duration: 2 days | Dives: 4

    This course is for people that did not manage to complete there PADI Open Water Course at the last dive center, this is not a problem as we have you covered.

    Duration: 2 days | Dives: 2

    If you have only completed the PADI Scuba diver course and would like to upgrade to PADI Open Water Certification then its a very easy 2 Day upgrade.

    Duration: 1 days | Pool Session

    If you have not dived for a while and not feeling confident then you can join onto day one of our PADI Open Water course and Reactivate all your skills.

    Duration: 1 day | Dives: 2 | Pool Option

    If you have never tried diving before and do not know what to expect then have a try dive, this can include a pool session to build confidence and then 2 ocean dives.