Let’s Become Certified Diver


    When you book a diving trip a “Are you certified diver?” question is quite normal. The shop could also ask you to show your certification card. Why is that? Isn’t scuba diving easy and fun?

    The fun part is yes, just like the easy part is, too. However, certification does not only mean you are eligible for special prices on a purchase but also a standardized education on scuba diving knowledge. There are many levels of diving certification famously ranging from Open Water Diver to specialties and tech diving.

    Let’s say you are an Open Water certified diver; that would mean that you understand the basic knowledge of SCUBA diving gear (exposure system, air delivery system, buoyancy control system), how to use it, effect of pressures, function of the lungs, partial pressures and so on which from the point of view of a Dive Center or Dive Guide is a vital information. Being certified as Open Water diver meaning we share the same knowledge about the above things.

    Being an Open Water certified diver also leads us to a shared understanding that the maximum depth for each dive can be up to 18 meters, compared to non-certified divers and their 12 meter depth limit.

    Does depth matter? Yes it does.

    Your guide knows what object lies in what depth along with its exact or approximate location. Let’s say there is this crevice in 17 meter depth where white-tip shark usually hid, being an Open Water certified diver meaning your Guide can take you there knowing you are trained to handle that depth. A non-certified diver, as a consequence, cannot access the location.

    So, let’s become certified divers!




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