Nyepi 2019 in Bali not a Nightmare

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    Not a nightmare, Nyepi day in Bali at the near day that meaning no internet, no entertainment, no holiday, shh.. don’t you make a noise.

    in a positive way, silent day in Bali bringing you to find some opportunity.. in one day you will breathe without any pollution, quality time with family or friends, peace with the earth, Break to refresh your soul and body, etc.

    Bring your soul & body refresh with Bali Diving. After Nyepi day, you can go diving or snorkeling with the best of Bali Diving guide and learn to dive with 5 stars PADI instructor. So will you ready for this?

    See all Bali Diving scheduled at Agenda
    Everyone now can try diving (without PADI licensed): HERE 



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