Wreck Diving USAT Liberty in Bali


    For many, USAT Liberty wreck in Tulamben, Bali, is great place for SCUBA Diving, and we agree with that.

    Here are some facts and reasons:

    • Divers usually refers this diving location as either Tulamben or Liberty wreck
    • It’s a shore diving, which means scuba divers will walk from shore to certain depth, submerse and voila! They’re already around the wreck
    • Because it’s a shore diving, this place is also suitable for first-time diver or commonly called Discover Scuba Diving
    • The depth varied from 0 (surface level) up to over 30 meters hence will serve as a place for doing deep diving too
    • USAT Liberty is over 100-meter long giving scuba divers many spaces to visit
    • USAT Liberty has been there for tens of years making it a ‘mature wreck’ where marine life now live within the ships hence giving more things to see for scuba divers

    See it for yourself. We invite you to join our trip to Tulamben everyday! Book with us here.



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