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    Padi Open Water Referral

    If you’ve started your PADI Open Water Diver Course and have completed part, but not the entire course – this program is for you.
    The course is based on the student having completed all the theory sessions and pool work, which means you already own a certification pack and just need to do the four ocean dives – but don’t worry if you haven’t, we can quote you on what you need to do to complete your course based on what you’ve already achieved.

    We offer the PADI referral course over just two days (4 Ocean Dives) and includes dives at some of Bali’s best dive sites around Padang Bai and Tulamben, most notably the ship wreck of the USAT Liberty ship wreck, sunk during World War 2. The cost of diving these sites as a qualified diver and without an instructor would be around $215.
    You will need to have completed all of the PADI OPen Water Course theory, either on line or at a PADI Dive Center and also have completed all of the swimming pool training. This is 5 chapters of theory with Knowledge Reviews and Quizzes completed, as well as the 50 question Final Exam completed and all 5 pool training sessions completed. Your referring Dive Center should have provided you with a photocopy of your file, showing these to have been done, which serves as the referral form.
    The PADI Referral Course simply adds on to any one of our scheduled Open Water Diving Courses, during the last two days of the program which is the ocean diving.
    If you have not yet purchased a certification pack from PADI, then you will need to add this to become a certified diver. This adds $99 and can be added at the extras stage of your booking – although you should already have this from your referring Instructor or Dive Centre.
    Sometimes people need a PADI referral program because they were unable to complete their program. Maybe they got sick during the course or could not complete the program for another reason. If this is the case, please “Contact Us” and let us know. We will need to know hat you have successfully completed and we will be glad to quote you on a customized PADI referral Course to suit your specific circumstances

    Course Outline


    The requirements for starting the Padi Open Water course is to be at least 10 years old and to answer NO on the Padi Medical Questionaire, we will help and support you with regards to this.


    Ok, so you made it onto your course, now we just have some paperwork to complete before we head off into the classroom for the videos and educational materials.


    If you have not completed some of your PADI Open Water Course, then we can review and complete anything needed during the paperwork stage.


    Now all the classroom sessions and paperwork is complete, if you require it we can head to the pool to complete any remaining skills, if how ever you only have the 4 ocean dives left then we will head straight to the ocean.


    On the final day we will complete your remaining open water dives to complete your PADI referral program and make you a fully certified PADI Open Water Diver.

    Additional Information

    7amPick up from Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua and remote areas
    7:30amPick up from Sanur
    8:15amEquipment Preparation and load vehicles
    Travel to Padang Bai
    Join Boat to dive Blue Lagoon
    Open Water Training Dive #1
    Surface interval on boat – swimming/relaxing
    Open Water Training Dive #2
    Return to Padang Bai
    Lunch at Topi Inn
    3:30pmReturn to Bali Diving
    Wash and care for equipment & log dives
    4:30pmReturn to accommodation in shuttle bus

    7amPick up from Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua and remote areas
    7:30amPick up from Sanur
    8:15amEquipment Preparation and load vehicles
    Travel to Tulamben (wreck of the USAT Liberty)
    Unload vehicles and porters carry equipment to dive site
    Open Water Training Dive #3
    Lunch at Puri Madha
    Open Water Training Dive #4
    Pack up equipment and porters carry to vehicles
    5pmReturn to Bali Diving
    Certification, Photos and sign off
    5:30pmReturn to accommodation in shuttle bus

    • Hotel pick up @ 7am to 7:30am and drop off (Nusa Dua to Seminyak tourist area)
    • Remote areas such as Uluwatu, Canggu and Ubud require us to allocate a car and driver to pick you up and drop you off. A small extra charge of $27 applies to this as we have to send a car and driver, but this is a per group cost.
    • All Marine Park entry fees
    • All and any Boat and Porters Fees
    • Delicious Lunch and light refreshments
    • Free water, tea and coffee at the Dive Center
    • Experienced Dive Instructor/Dive Leader
    • The Equipment you used – washed & stored for you
    • Rental of all Diving Equipment inc. Tanks & Weight Belts

    • Please bring a hat, sun screen, seat cushion and your own towel
    • (Towels can be rented at the dive center)
    • Dive computer
    • Underwater camera
    • Swim wear
    • Please note: additional items can be purchased at the cafe at your own cost and soft drinks and beers at the dive Center

    • We provide complimentary pick up and drop off in our shuttle bus from most of the major south Bali tourist areas including Nusa Dua, Jimbaran Beach, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak between 7am and 7:15am, and Sanur between 7:30am and 7:45am.
    • Remote areas such as Uluwatu, Canggu and Ubud can still be serviced but we have to allocate a car and driver for this and therefore a small additional cost applies.
    • Customer Service reconfirms all pick-ups the day before by e mail
    • If you have a certified diver who wishes to tag along and join you on the training dives, that’s fine – they just pay the standard fee for that particular site and can be added from the “Go Diving” section.
    • Alternatively, if you have someone who just wishes to come along to the dive site, chill on the beach and join you for lunch (lunch is included in “Land Content”) the you can add this person in “Extras” and of course you can always “Contact Us” for help in booking either tag along divers or Land Content participants to join you
    All you need to do to book is choose the best date that suits you from the calendar, then how many people are in your group and click “Book Now”. This will take you to the “Extras” page where you can choose to add souvenir T shirts, hire corrected mask etc.  and confirm – or skip this page

    This will bring up a summary of your order and also calculate the deposit needed to confirm your booking. You will also need to complete your personal details. We use Pay Pal to accept deposits for your protection and you don’t need to be a member of Pay Pal to use this service. You can even use your credit card.

    You can either choose to “Pay Now” which will be just the deposit – or you can “Make another booking” and add to your order if you wish.


    Our scheduled dates are shown on our on line booking system, but sometimes this date is not convenient.

    If you wish to book a program for a date not listed as available on our booking calendar please simply contact our sales team through our “Contact Us” button. Most often we can confirm your request for a preferred date, and of course the more advance notice we have the easier it is to accommodate this date. If there are at least two of you wishing to dive on the same date this really helps us.

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    PADI Open Water with eLearning

    If you find that you are wanting to spend more time enjoying your holiday then being sat in a classroom, but still want to experience and get your PADI Open Water Certification, then we suggest that you take on the PADI E-Learning.

    What this will enable you to do is take the all of the theory online, Knowledge reviews, Videos, Quizzes and the exam all before you arrive, meaning that a short review and then equipment and straight off to the pool.

    To Find Out more about the PADI E-Learning products on offer and the languages you can choose, check out our PADI E-Learning Page.