PADI Scuba Diver Course

    The PADI Scuba Diver Course is designed for those people that don’t have the full 3 days or don’t want to complete there PADI Open Water Course at this time, but want to get a feel for diving and get started on there Diving Adventure.

    The Course comprises of 2 days, this still includes the Theory with Knowledge Reviews, Videos and Quizzes, this is completed in the morning, we then relax and discuss the morning over a complimentary lunch.

    Once lunch is finished we then move on to the Pool Sessions. Here at Bali Diving we aim to complete all of the 5 Pool Sessions, this will make things alot simpler and cheaper for you in the long run if you decide to upgrade your PADI Scuba Diver Certification to PADI Open Water Diver.

    The Next Day, we then head of to the ocean for your 2 Ocean Dives and completing the requirements to make you a PADI Scuba Diver. Please note there are some restrictions with this once you are certified, you are only allowed to dive to a maximum of 12m and it must be with a PADI Professional.

    Course Outline


    The requirements for starting the Padi Scuba Diver Course course is to be at least 10 years old and to answer NO on the Padi Medical Questionnaire, we will help and support you with regards to this.


    Ok, so you made it onto your course, now we just have some paperwork to complete before we head off into the classroom for the videos and educational materials.


    Wahoo, lets get this started. we enter the classroom work our way through the videos, knowledge reviews and quizzes. check out the E-Learning if you struggle for time.


    Now all the classroom is out the way and we have learnt everything in theory its time to start to put in to practice. Lets head to the pools to practice those skills, before heading off to the ocean.


    The time has come to take everything we have learnt and practice and move it to the ocean, where we will do 2 ocean dives and open your eyes to an experience you will never forget.

    PADI Scuba Diver Course Schedule

    • Pickup from your Hotel at 7am (7:30am from Sanur)
    • Transfer to Bali Diving
    • Morning – Paperwork, classroom and Theory
    • Lunch (which is all included)
    • Equipment Fitting
    • Afternoon – Pool Training Sessions 1 to 5
    • Debriefing at the Dive Centre
    • Drop off at your hotel
    • Pickup from your Hotel at 7am (7:30am for Sanur)
    • Transfer to Bali Diving
    • Equipment check & packing
    • Travel to Padang Bai Dive Site
    • Dive #1 (Boat Dive)
    • Dive # 2 (Boat Dive)
    • Lunch at the beachside café
    • Return to Bali Diving for debriefing
    • Theory and Final Exam
    • Drop off at your Hotel

    The PADI Scuba Diver course is only a portion of the complete PADI Open Water Course. It allows you to get certified over 2 days instead of the 3 days, there are some restrictions associated with this though, you can only be certified to dive to 12m and dive with a PADI Professional. We follow the same schedule and plan for the Full PADI Open Water Course so its pretty simple to go ahead and complete the last day if you wish. The PADI Scuba Diver course will cover the first 3 Theory Sessions as well as completing all 5 Pool Sessions, this means that we will also allow you to do a referral if you so wish, on the 2nd day you will complete your 2 Oceans Dives.

    10 Years Old
    Completed Medical Statement (this can also be done when you arrive but if a yes is present then we will need to see a doctor before we can continue the course, this will incur an extra charge of 100,000Rp. Download from here.

    • All courses and dives include from our complimentary pick up area
      (Nusa Dua to Seminyak)
    • FREE Hotel pick up and drop off each day
    • Use of all equipment
    • Padi Materials and Certification Fees
    • Small personalised teaching groups
    • Any boat fees and
    • Porters to carry your diving gear
    • Quality Restaurant prepared Lunch & refreshments on diving days
    • All Government Fees, Charges and Taxes
    Bali Diving PADI Open Water Course

    PADI Open Water with eLearning

    If you find that you are wanting to spend more time enjoying your holiday then being sat in a classroom, but still want to experience and get your PADI Open Water Certification, then we suggest that you take on the PADI E-Learning.

    What this will enable you to do is take the all of the theory online, Knowledge reviews, Videos, Quizzes and the exam all before you arrive, meaning that a short review and then equipment and straight off to the pool.

    To Find Out more about the PADI E-Learning products on offer and the languages you can choose, check out our PADI E-Learning Page.